Individual Treatment

You need to make changes in your own personal life. You may be ready to feel better, or do something differently. Individual therapy gives you the place and guidance needed to strategize and make these changes. Sometimes clients come with minor issues that need a little bit of guidance and instruction to improve. Other times clients present with very complicated and challenging sets of symptoms that overwhelm them. An effective therapist will be able to identify the nature of their problem, establish with the client a treatment plan that addresses each issue that prevents progress and satisfaction. Therapists utilize a wide range of techniques and approaches that can meet your personal set of challenges. They also consider your particular personality and perspective that helps you develop the customized set of skills, knowledge and state of mind particular to meet your current needs.

Couple’s/Marriage Counseling

At times it can be complicated maintaining a functional relationship with a spouse or significant other. We are not always born with the skills to negotiate our needs in light of the needs of another person. In couple’s counseling, a therapist can give you the necessary structure and setting that enables you and possibly your partner to develop the skills to communicate, negotiate and resolve any issues that prevent your growth and progress. By taking responsibility for your part of the solution, you will be surprised how simple solutions can be!

Family Therapy

One of the most important dimensions of our lives is our relationships with those whom we are related. When fighting and misunderstandings are occurring at home, it is hard to enjoy much else in our lives. Through family therapy, we start working with the family members who are willing to start the necessary changes that produce positive results in the home. Very rarely are all who are involved ready for change. When those who are reluctant to improve see your positive changes, it is easier for them to “get on board,” and work on themselves as well. Therapeutic strategies are developed and skills taught, in order facilitate needed changes in family roles and rules. Working under the creative guidance of your therapist can provide the comfortable environment to address uncomfortable issues with confidence and emotional safety.