Many of the same goals and skills are used by the therapist when they are working with children and teens. It is amazing how these young individuals can thrive when they are showed a new way, a new skill or challenged with new information. Younger children often work with the therapist in play therapy. The use of play objects helps break down barriers and allows the children and teens to open up. The use of sand tray therapy is also employed in this office.


Parents often parent like their parents did or in the case of some families when becoming parents themselves they do everything the exact opposite of what their parents did. Do either one of these ways of parenting work? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. If you have a child or a teen who is having difficulty we know that you want to do what you can to parent them appropriately. Collateral parent support is for parents whose children have issues that will need their help to find another way. The therapist will help with skill building and communication. They will work on setting goals and boundaries. Sometimes Grandparents need to be enlisted in this type of support.